Alcohol: 13,5 vol %
Total acidity: 5,27 g/l
Variety: 100% Chardonnay 
Type of wine: white, dry
Vintage: 2018

Vineyards age: over 15 years

Vineyards exposure: south-oriented slopes in upper Brda

Vineyard: terraces, 4000 plants per hectar, single guyot

Soil type: marl (Eocene flysch)

Cultivation: organic

Harvest: hand-harvested, beginning of September

Vinification: after 24 hours of cold maceration the mass was gently pressed. Must ferment in 5 different kinds of barrels; oak, mulberry, wild cherry, ash, and acacia for 12 months.

Maturation: cellared for at least 24 months in bottles

Bottling: 0.75 l, 1.5 l, 3 l bottles, natural cork

About wine: Straw-yellow wine with golden-orange hues. The bouquet is complex with a predominance of floral notes, domestic and exotic fruits (pear, vineyard peach, pineapple, mango), as well as spices, baked butter, roasted seeds and nuts. Tantalising on the palate, pleasantly warm, harmonious, rich in body, with a distinctly fruity aftertaste. The high extract mitigates the effect of the alcohol and complements the impactful drinkability with a pleasant acidity. Complexity is revealed layer by layer, bringing new experiences with every sip.

Pairing suggestions: The Orbis Chardonnay is the wine of choice for dishes with sophisticated flavours, such as pasta with porcini mushrooms, risotto with cuttlefish ink, cod in tomato sauce, grilled chicken on spit and wings, buckwheat porridge with sausage, lentils (or other legumes) with sausage skins, etc., and, from the world of world cuisine, sushi with tuna, pizza with seafood, pâtés and soft cheeses. The ideal serving temperature is 12-14°C