Alcohol: 13,5 vol %
Total acidity: 5,46 g/l
Variety: 100% Rebula
Type of wine: white, dry
Vintage: 2018

Vineyards age: over 15 years

Vineyards exposure: east-oriened slopes in upper Brda

Vineyard: terraces, 4000 plants per hectar, single guyot

Soil type: marl (Eocene flysch)

Cultivation: organic

Harvest: hand-harvested, beginning of September

Vinification: after 24 hours of cold maceration the mass was gently pressed. Must ferment in 5 different kinds of barrels; oak, mulberry, wild cherry, ash, and acacia for 12 months.

Maturation: cellared for at least 24 months in bottles

Bottling: 0.75 l, 1.5 l, 3 l bottles, natural cork

About wine: A clear wine the colour of straw with golden hues. Its bouquet is complex, with dominant notes of ripe fruit and meadow flowers, as well as delicate warm spices (vanilla, liquorice). Harmonious on the palate, extremely smooth, pleasantly mineral, tantalisingly ticklish, almost spicy. The fruity impressions continue with herbal-spice notes framing the rich body. There is nothing in abundance, but everything in abundance, including a pleasant aftertaste of bread crust and pleasant traces of ageing in barrels made of different types of wood, which gives it a distinctive character that remains alive in the long aftertaste.

Pairing suggestions: The Erzetič Orbis Rebula is a full-bodied wine for food with plenty of flavour. This can be mature Karst prosciutto, but even more so dried beef and horsemeat, game salami and related delicacies are also suitable accompaniments. The wine has no problem with fried food, from vegetables in tempura to fried whitebait and tiny prawns, while being good company also to scampi alla busera or even lobster. Eel on spit would be ideal, or in its absence, some other fish from the seabed, such as oven-baked monkfish. The ideal serving temperature is 12-14°C.