Sauvignon blanc 
Sauvignon blanc 

Sauvignon blanc 


Alcohol: 13,0 vol %
Total acidity: 5,35 g/l
Variety: 100% Sauvignon blanc
Type of wine: white, dry
Vintage: 2018

Vineyards age: over 15 years

Vineyards exposure: northwest-oriented slopes in upper Brda

Vineyard: terraces, 4000 plants per hectar, single guyot

Soil type: marl (Eocene flysch)

Cultivation: organic

Harvest: hand-harvested, beginning of September

Vinification: after 24 hours of cold maceration the mass was gently pressed. Must ferment in 5 different kinds of barrels; oak, mulberry, wild cherry, ash, and acacia for 12 months.

Maturation: cellared for at least 24 months in bottles

Bottling: 0.75 l, 1.5 l, 3 l bottles, natural cork

About wine: Straw-yellow wine with greenish hues. A complex bouquet with a predominance of spring flowers and herbs, especially thyme and celery leaves, but also fennel and green pepper and even caper. Citrus notes (limes, tangerines, grapefruit) and evidence of long maturation in wooden barrels (vanilla, bread crust) creep in in the background. Elegant, harmonious, fresh, mineral, slightly spicy, extremely multifaceted with an aftertaste of compotes (rhubarb, pear), lemon zest, baked apples... Its long departure evokes the freshness of the evening breeze on warm summer days.

Pairing suggestions: The Orbis Sauvignon is primarily a wine for refined vegetable dishes such as risotto with peas (risi-bisi) or courgette flowers, asparagus in salad or tempura, and plates with a ‘wilderness food’ flavour (autochthonous local herbs). It loves clean flavours, so it goes well with vegetable spaghetti, fish carpaccio, stuffed pasta with cottage cheese and spinach, stuffed courgettes and tomatoes. Its freshness also accompanies pumpkin and seafood dishes very nicely. The ideal serving temperature is 12-14°C.